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Message From Our MD

Employee and Customer Satisfaction forms our core

It is almost 4 years now, since we started this journey of ours with SS International. From being a leather tanner for more than 2 decades now, with SSI we have walked some distance in the last 4 years. Our business grew with time and today we have our customer base in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK and Australia. We are aware that there are many milestones lying ahead of us and our presence is miniscule as compared to the market. However, we are not in any race to outdo anyone – we are competing with and only against ourselves. We are happy to take baby steps, but careful and monitored steps. As the road ahead is long, very long and we would like to move ahead gradually instead of moving ahead in leaps and bounds.

My first priority is my employees, as they are the real performers. I know, that if I or SSI takes care of them, then it is me who can have a fearless sleep.

Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, as I know that my people will eventually take good care of my customers. Thereafter comes our integrity and honesty. We are honest in our work and hope to retain this honesty in years to come. We work transparently and honestly, we know we are not super humans, we do make mistakes but we accept our mistakes and never again repeat the same.

Dr. Sunil SinglaManaging Director

Our Factory & Showroom

SSI History

Dr. Sunil Singla, Managing Director, S. S. International (Factory and Tannery) is a qualified Doctor by profession. He is the 2nd generation from a family of tanners who had been in the tanning business from 1967. Since leather and tanning were in his roots, eventually he moved back to the family business and brought the tannery under his control. It was till 2014, that his focus was in tanning and supplying leather to various Leather Garments exporters in India.

It was in the early part of 90’s, the leather garment manufacturing operations were initiated and after a brief and successful stint in Exports to Russia, the garment manufacturing operations were closed down due to losses incurred as a result of global political upheaval. During that period, Russia was the biggest market for leather garments export and due to the disintegration of Russia in 1991, the market collapsed. Resulting in huge losses, which took years to compensate and come to terms with. To again garner courage and determination and start the leather garments manufacturing operations in full swing took almost 2 decades. However, during all this time, the tannery division was fully operational and performed fruitfully.

In 2014, realizing that if we could supply skins to other exporters who in turn manufactured garments for top notch Brands across the globe, then why not manufacture garments & accessories and export ourselves. The hunger to be the best in the trade was always there, but the recognition was not there. As no manufacturer would disclose the tannery name from where the core of a leather garment is coming. That thirst for recognition, quest to be in the forefront, perform to excel and compete and emerge as a winner competing with the existing names of the trade prompted the evolution of S. S. International (SSI).

About SSI

SSI is a vertically integrated manufacturing company, wherein all our skins are made in our own tannery and all garments and goods are produced in our own manufacturing facility. We do not outsource any part of our manufacturing operations and therefore can adhere to the Social Compliance requirements as required by National and International regulatory bodies.

The Tannery – situated in Durina, Haryana is approx an hour’s drive from the New Delhi Airport. It is one of the biggest tanneries in the Northern part of India and spread across an area of 24,500 sq meters. The tannery is equipped to make all types of skins – Chrome tanned, vegetable tanned, chrome free tanned and aluminum tanned skins. Skins in wet blue or pickle stage are imported from across the globe and from countries like New Zealand, UK, African and Middle Eastern Countries.

The Garments and Accessories manufacturing unit is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana, approximately 30 minutes drive form the New Delhi Airport. The manufacturing unit has an annual capacity to produce 90,000 – 100,000 leather garments and 50,000 – 60,000 leather goods. Latest machinery and stringent quality control measures are put into place to ensure only correct and approved standard of goods are delivered to our customers. Our objective is to produce medium to high value garments, maximizing on the economies of scale, keeping costs in control and delivering products which are worth the money spent.

Ethical Sourcing

It is our ethical responsibility that all our products are manufactured and raw materials/ materials used are from an environment and source which is ethical. We enter into long term relations with our selected supplier base to ensure that they understand our core commitment, vision and ethics of business. Our supplier base forms an integral arm of SSI and very much a part of us. We therefore ensure safe workplaces and protection of our employee’s human rights in our Factories, Tanneries and also at our suppliers end.

The first step towards Sustainability is ethical sourcing of our skins, all materials as per REACH standards and manufactured in a socially compliant manufacturing unit. In leather the biggest challenge is sourcing of skins which are ethically sourced, i.e skins being used are by product of the meat industry, animals not illegally slaughtered and records of proper traceability of the animals are evident. We do lay importance to the same and whenever required provide certificates authenticating the same.

It is our responsibility at SSI, to improvise improvements to our working standards and conditions. We regularly invest in resources and infrastructure to educate our workforce and suppliers on compliance, workers conditions and human rights to drive improvements within and also outside our premises.

Social Compliance

Social Compliance is a cause which is initiated from within, where we don’t see any end point, only a continuous process where we at SSI, try to outdo the previous and continually try and improve and move to the next. It is a continuing process in which we and our suppliers keep on looking for better and improved ways to protect the environment; the health, safety and fundamental rights of the employees and also the community at large. From the materials we use, the suppliers we work with, the work process we involve – all parameters are well executed and monitored to keep in sync with the accepted social requirements.

We undertake independent 3rd party audits and are accredited with both SEDEX and BSCI audit certifications. We are also open to announced and unannounced Audits by any Brand’s own CSR teams or any other independent auditing agencies.


It is certain today that a certain part of our society has the capacity to endure, at least in such a way that the future generations are able to achieve a basic quality of life. While sustainability is about the future of our society, for today’s industries and businesses, it is also about commercial success. We endure and continue to do business and we as a society must transform our markets – both how we produce and consume and the very ways in which we define and measure the value and progress.

To achieve this transformation, we need the capacity of business to innovate and to execute; meeting market needs swiftly, effectively and on a global scale. We at SSI have understood, that to build a successful business of tomorrow, we will need to lead and create value both inside and outside the walls of our operating premises.

In Leather manufacturing, sustainability would not only mean eco-friendly but also eco-effectiveness. To make it easily understandable, sustainable leather would be the result of ethical sourcing of skins along with production of skins and products in a socially compliant facility. Our vision at SSI is to provide and take care of basic requirements of our employees, workers and suppliers. The broad outlines that we follow to ensure the basic sustainability requirements are in place are as follows:

  • Code of Labor practice outlining freedom of choosing employment, freedom of association, safe and hygienic working conditions, no forced or child labor, basic minimum wages to workers, working hours not excessive, no racial or gender discrimination, regular employment and no harsh or inhumane treatment.
  • Code of Conduct
  • Operations Process Safety
  • Sustainable tanning and sourcing of raw materials following animal welfare principles

Working with SSI

We are one of Northern India’s growing Leather Garments and Accessories Manufacturing and Exporting Company, with decades of presence as a Leather tanner, manufacturer and supplier. Working at SSI offers a wide range of dynamic and potential opportunities.

We are eager to learn from your experiences and knowhow and are passionate about creating a comfortable workplace for all our employees. We do not discriminate between Genders, Castes and Races and strictly condemn any such practices within the organization. We also take extra measures to ensure a healthy and friendly environment for all our employees and take strict action against any sort mal practices, exploitation or harassment at work place.

We are dedicated to improvement of individuals thru proper training and development and to pave way for a clear and rewarding long term career path. If you share and nurture to our values and objectives and want to be part of a potentially growing and dynamic organization, we would wait to hear from you. Please feel free to write to us at: hr@ssileathers.com